Why Hire Us?

  • We can help plan the wedding from A-Z (We are your walking wedding encyclopedia)
  • We will help you select reputable vendors
  • We can schedule meetings and/or attend meetings with wedding vendors
  • We will review all your contracts to ensure there are no holes in the planning
  • We will assist you by bringing your theme/style/design together
  • We can help you with your budget
  • We will keep you on point in the planning process by providing you with priceless checklists
  • We can locate venues that fit your budget & style
  • We will give you advice on invitation etiquette
  • We can coordinate communication between you and your vendors
  • We will draw up a detailed timeline/itinerary so that you, your vendors and your family members are all on the same page.
  • We can serve as a referee, budget advisor, etiquette expert, detail manager and organizer
  • We can coordinate the wedding rehearsal
  • We can act as a liaison between wedding vendors and family
  • We can supervise and coordinate all the details of the wedding day

We will keep you calm, relaxed and happy

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