How To Create a Budget For Your Wedding

How To Create a Budget For Your Wedding

The first step in planning for your big day is putting a budget in place.  But how do you budget your wedding budget.  What the heck does that mean? And why is it necessary.  That means that each area of planning needs to be stream lined so that you come in below or right at the over all budget number.  Here are some steps to help do just that:

Itemize everything that you could possibly have to spend money for,  Some examples are:

  1. Cost for makeup artist
  2. Cost for hair stylist
  3. Gifts for wedding party

Everything down to the undergarments for the bride and groom.

Set a reasonable number for each itemization.  Don’t over do it.  If the Bride and Groom are paying for the wedding themselves, consider these things:

  1. What monies are left after all necessary bills are paid?
  2. How much, if any, monies have already been put aside for the wedding?
  3. What is the income of both parties?
  4. How much, if any, has been provided or gifted by family or friends? Include this as part of the overall budget.

The Bride should be logical when shopping for a wedding gown.  Never, ever try on a gown that is over budget just to see how it looks.  Chances are you will fall in love with it and be heart broken because you can’t have it, or go into serious debt to get it.  Set a specific amount that is affordable for your gown, and only try on gowns that are within those parameters.

If you only have a certain amount of money to spend, sit down with your partner and decide where you want to put the bulk of the money.  Decide what means the most to you both.  Many couples find the following important:


Really good pictures are great to look back and reflect on through the years. Choosing a photographer that tells your love story visually allows those memories to be beautiful.


This can be a key component because couples want their guests to have a really good time.  Choosing the right mix of entertainment can make all the difference in the world.


Great food is always a plus and a sure bet that your guests will be satisfied.


The perfect venue is key and goes hand in hand with great photographic memories.

Often, as the days lead up to the special event, couples spend money randomly, not including it in the overall budget and actually end up spending more than they have allotted for the wedding.

Taking all of these things into consideration allows you to budget your wedding budget.

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