The Most Joyous Gay Wedding

The Most Joyous Gay Wedding

centerpieceCoordinating weddings is a fascinating experience. It allows me to share in an intimate and spiritual time with each of my clients.

This wedding was extra-special as I was honored to coordinate my first all-female wedding.

My clients Lonnesa and Sheree are one of the sweetest couples in the world. The experience was fantastic, and in many ways the same as a traditional heterosexual wedding event.the couple

As with other weddings, I introduce my clients to various vendors that play key roles in:

  • Selecting flowers
  • Specialty linens
  • Wedding and Groom cakes

One of my favorite places is Glow Concepts in Santa Fe Springs. I take my clients there for specialty linens and accessories because everything is exquisite.

My bride, Lonnesa is very particular and detail oriented.

Glows perfect linens and accessories fell right in line with what she wanted for her cake and sweetheart tables. She absolutely loves bling and when we walked into Glows showroom, she saw the large square blinged out cake stand and had to have it.

Bling Cake Table

Don’t you think it’s beautiful atop the elegant sateen linen and chrysanthemum overlay she selected?

Jackson Wedding 4-19-14 (33)Planning Was Difficult At Times

During the planning stages Lonnesa’s mother was suffering from breast cancer and in hospice care.

Lonnesa was the type of bride that needed to be in the know about every aspect of the wedding. She is also the type of person (not unlike myself) that tends to have a lot on her plate.

It was so beautiful to watch Sheree say to her “Sweetheart, I don’t want you to do so much, I don’t want you to have all of what it takes to plan a wedding on your plate as well as caring for your mother”.

I believe it was hard for Lonnesa to let me take the reigns, so I did so gently.

mothers chairs jackson weddingUnfortunately Lonnesa’s mother passed away prior to the wedding day but not before joining Lonnesa for her gown fitting and helping her select wedding favors.

There was a special recognition during the ceremony for Lonnesa and Sheree’s mothers who both passed from cancer. Elegant Chair covers were made (blinged out of course), with the pink breast cancer ribbon along with their names, and placed on the mother’s chairs where they would have been sitting.

This was a very special day and I hope to coordinate many more gay weddings.  Learn more here about their thoughts of that day.

Lonnesa and Sheree placed two dozen pink roses in each of the chairs for their mothers. It was bitter sweet and not a dry eye in the house.

King & Queen Chairs

King & Queen Chairs

It Was Beautiful

The bridesmaids wore the most beautiful lilac gowns and the maid of honor stood out in striking platinum silver gray.

The groom’s women wore elegant nickel colored tuxedos with paisley lilac vest and tie.

The brides wore ivory. Lonnesa in a stunning fitted dropped waist gown that trimmed her waist and accentuated her curves in all the right places, with a skirt that moved with such grace it was almost hypnotizing.

Sheree wore a beautiful ivory tuxedo with an ivory vest that complemented Lonnesa’s gown.

The floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception were grand with lilac and lavender roses, white hydrangeas, white orchids, and purple lisyanthas.

A main attraction at the reception was the king and queens chairs at the sweetheart table.

The entire affair was a grand event.

It was a very special moment to witness Sheree leading Lonnesa to the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple and Lonnesa blowing a kiss to the special mother’s chair that was set up in the reception area signifying she knew her mom was there with her and her new wife on this special day.

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