Being a Plus Size Bride Can Be a Plus

Being a Plus Size Bride Can Be a Plus

Plenty of plus size brides struggle with finding all that they need to look beautiful for the most important day of their life.

The experience of shopping for a bridal gown for the plus size bride can be frustrating to say the least. Some boutiques can order larger size gowns but when it comes to trying on gowns in stock to get an idea of the fit, it can seem futile.

However, there are now more designers mindful of the plus size bride, what use to be a challenge for the woman with curves is now an opportunity filled with choices.

Some of the bridal boutiques that I have taken my clients to in Southern California that offer more options to the plus size bride are:

If you need my help in any way with your wedding selections or need more resources…contact me here.  I’d love to hear how your search for that perfect dress is going in the comments below.

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